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Enhanced version coming in 2005: AutoPhone Version 2

Our current version of AutoPhone does the job of callroom automation very well, but we want to do even more to make the lives of callroom supervisors and Annual Giving Managers easier. Here's how we are going to do it:

  • Get rid of callsheets: put a workstation on each caller's desk and leave the paper mountain behind
  • E-Mail fulfilment materials the moment the call ends
  • Never miss another call back: the programme pops up the right records at the right time. Filing trays marked "Call back Wednesday" become a thing of the past
  • Suppress or flag spouses in the same campaign
  • Display on screen information at the touch of a button for those Frequently Asked Questions
  • Match callers and those to be called efficiently using algorithms which learn from experience
  • Run reports and fulfilment remotely, anywhere that a web browser can "see" the web server on which the system is run
  • and lots lots more, including enhancements to the reporting and ease of fulfilment features for which AutoPhone is known

What we won't do

It might seem odd to tell you what AutoPhone Version 2 won't do, but there are good reasons for this. Firstly we believe in being honest about what a piece of software does and doesn't do. And secondly, there are things we think a fundraising callroom doesn't need. So we are not going to:

  • Put the scripts on the screen: we want callers having a conversation, not automatons reading their lines
  • Use predictive or automated dialling; it adds to your setup and deployment cost, and depersonalises the calling

Buying and setting up AutoPhone Version 2

Of course you will need a computer on each desk to be used by a caller, but we will use standard software and networking to make it as easy and cheap as possible. Here's how we will do it:

  • The database will use MySQL or Oracle - your choice, both are lightning quick
  • The user interface will be a web browser; Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox for platform and operating system independence. So you can run it on a Mac if you want, or a PC running Linux. The supervisor will still need a computer capable of running Word (Mac or PC) to do fulfilment.
  • The server will use Apache, the industry standard Web server
  • Significant discounts will apply for existing customers
Enquiries: E-Mail Adrian Beney

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