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AutoPhone has been developed to serve the needs of charities engaged in telephone fundraising, particularly University and School Annual Funds.

Most universities and schools who are actively fundraising aim to ask all their alumni to give at least once a year, and with thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of former students in contact with their university this is a considerable task. As more people are called, so more letters and donation forms have to be sent. The task of managing this, together with assessing which callers are doing well and which ones need help, reporting on the pledges, and calculating how much data remains rapidly becomes unmanageable.

AutoPhone is designed to satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Be capable of being operated by staff or students 0with minimal training.

  2. Capture data quickly and easily so that results can be calculated almost as soon as calls are made.

  3. Capture information about each telephone call where contact was made, or record why contact was not made where known.

  4. Produce relevant follow-up (fulfilment) materials, including letters, pledge forms and envelopes in such a way as to be easy to operate, accurately produced and well presented, and incorporating the new Gift Aid Scheme, without the inconvenience of matching mail merge files to the correct data sources.

  5. Enable E-Mail to be sent to the person who has pledged as soon as data has been entered via an interface with the default e-mailer on the PC being used to operate AutoPhone.

  6. Produce a comprehensive series of reports, including

    • Daily results in detail, summarising the results of calls made

    • Results by calling session, including pledge types and amounts, refusals, income forecasts
    • Results by caller, including pledge types and amounts, refusals, income forecasts
    • Results by calling segment, including pledge types and amounts, refusals, income forecasts
    • Results for the whole campaign
    • Caller statistics and performance, including pledge percentages, contact rate and conversion rates
    • Conversion statistics
    • Data remaining to be called

      and many more

  7. Produce reminder letters based on gift information entered on the office's main fundraising software and automatically imported into AutoPhone

  8. Be easy to set up and populate with those to be phoned

  9. Feed information back into the office's main fundraising software using automated routines with the minimum of rekeying. Bespoke interfaces are available for Raisers' Edge for Windows® and Visual Alms®, and can be configured for any database accepting ascii input.

  10. AutoPhone works with existing technical facilities. See this link for technical requirements.

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