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AutoPhone is designed by Fundraisers, for Fundraisers, with the sole purpose of making telephone fundraising more efficient, more productive, and easier to manage and analyse. It's simple and it works.

Already used at the Universities of Aberdeen and Durham, as well as King's College London, it automates many of the repetitive paper based tasks which can make running telephone fundraising campaigns a logistical nightmare.

Key Features

  • Record the results of each fundraising telephone call

  • Produce follow-up letters, forms and envelopes at the touch of a button, no messy mail merge files needed
  • Produce follow-up e-mails for those who have e-mail addresses, including personalised links to your on-line giving facility
  • Enables compliance with Inland Revenue requirements for Oral Gift Aid Declarations
  • Total up value of pledges received each calling session
  • Analyse telephone pledge performance and gift conversion of:
    • callers
    • caller teams
    • segments of data (eg past donors / non-donors / lapsed donors etc)
    • different calling days or weeks
    • many more "cuts" of the data (not all cuts are available with all reports)
  • Count up data left to call
  • Produce data for re-sending pre-call letters
  • Import data on who has given and match it with those called to produce conversion reports
  • Generate reminder letters, forms and envelopes for those who promised but did not give
  • Generate customised import files to return results to Raisers' Edge®, Visual Alms® or any other fundraising system which accepts plain text import files: no re-keying of call results is necessary

More information on all these facilities

Enquiries: E-Mail Adrian Beney

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